Meet Marge Bell, AKA "Mama"

Marge Bell worked as a professional social worker and spent many years focused on helping others. It is consistent that in retirement she is involved in finding ways to help people replace chemical-laden skincare with healthier products.

Marge began her pursuit of natural healing with an apprenticeship to renowned herbalist and author Susun Weed. As an apprentice, her interest in alternative, healthier ways of living was ignited.

About Our Products

Our products are made with vegetable oils (some extra virgin) and vegetable butters. Our dry skin healing treatment contains shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, and whole leaf aloe vera gel. All of the fragrances are produced from essential oils, not chemical perfumes. Yes, the products are also gluten-free!

All Natural Ingredients

We are dedicated to being all natural and toxin free!

Locally Owned & Operated

Each & every product is made with love in our kitchen.

Family Friendly

We offer products for the whole family- adults, children, and pets!